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DETECTIVE DOUBLE BILL-RARE DVD-only 10 available at this time-special sale price

Double-bill of two Mystery feature films!BLADE (90min)First one features an all-star cast including John Marley as a rogue cop named BLADE who is trying to solve the murder of a congressman's (William Prince THE SOLDIER) daughter. A cold calculated killer (Jon Cypher SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION) is playing a cat and mouse game with the police. Co-starring Joe Santos (TV's ROCKFORD FILES) John Schuck Steve Landesburg (TV's BARNEY MILLER) Keene Curtis (ALICE) Michael McGuire (PARTNERS) Ted Lange (TV's LOVE BOAT) and Morgan Freeman (TV's SESAME STREET). This is shown un-cut for the first time ever on US home video!RING OF DEATH (90min)2nd feature is RING OF DEATH! Franco Nero (DJANGO) plays a detective hired by Adolfo Celi (THUNDERBALL) in this mystery crime thriller. Co-starring Florinda Bolkan (LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN) Delia Boccardo (TENTACLES) and funny man Renzo Palmer!Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: ACTION/ADVENTURE Rating: R Age: 851740003468 UPC: 851740003468 Manufacturer No: WARD008


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