BREEDERS "Collector's Edition"-Blu-ray-DARK FORCE

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The huge #10 single's edition from Dark Force Entertainment is a special "Collector's Edition" featuring our stunning 3D emboss custom slipcover that Glows in the Dark!

Also known as DEADLY INSTINCTS this 1997 Direct-To-Video sci-fi horror entry also delivers with all the fun genre elements. A big alien-like monster that isn't CGI, beautiful women in peril and a cool sci-fi back drop make this one a fun ride. The story revolves around a meteorite that crash lands onto a Boston college campus unleashing an alien beat that must mate with humans to preserve its species and destroy humanity. Stars Todd Jansen (It's Alive) and Kadamba Simmons as Space Girl whom Dark Force later found out was brutally murdered by her boyfriend at the age of 24 shortly after the movie was released. We would like to dedicate this release to her.


Assembled by Multicom from the best of the only surviving masters left from this movie. Dark Force created a brand new high quality HD master and then extensive scene by scene correction making this version the most vibrant color and clarity available on this movie.

Presented in it's original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. The running time is 98 minutes and rated R.