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"There are two scenes so gruesome  I cannot describe them in a newspaper no matter what words I use. Having seen it, I cannot ignore it, nor can I deny that it affected me strongly."-Roger Ebert

CHAOS (200) was billed as the most "brutal" movie ever made and achieved unique notoriety from a charged public debate over its violent content that ensued with Pulitzer Prize-winning national film critic Roger Ebert. Heavily inspired by and originally intended as an homage to the Wes Craven cult horror film LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (1972). CHAOS stars Kevin Gage (HEAT, BLOW) and the late Sage Stallone (ROCKY V, DAYLIGHT IV). 

This deluxe special edition disc of CHAOS is the highest quality version of the movie created from a brand new HD scan of the original uncut 35mm negative with extensive scene correction. The end result is an image so crisp and clear that watching the brutal scenes is hardly bearable. Not for the faint of heart of the squeamish.

Brand new interviews with co-producer Marc Sheffler of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and Stephen "Frankie" Wozniak.

Director and Producer Commentary

Original Theatrical Trailer