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It's the very FIRST #1 RETRO DRIVE-IN RELEASE from Dark Force Entertainment that has since become a hit series on blu-ray. Originally sold through all the big stores through Kino this one is reaching the end of it's run.

This collectable disc contains: CHAOS un-cut starring Kevin Gage and Sage Stallone (note: This is 2k scan from the original negative but does not have scene to scene correction as in the deluxe special edition blu-ray) 2005 Billed as the most brutal movie ever released and modern day re-make of the drive-in classic LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. Chaos has achieved cinema history via a public debate with famed film critic Roger Ebert over it's extremely vicious content and more recently being voted WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME by The INDEPENDENT and BUSINESS INSIDER.

Plus 2nd drive-in co-feature DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT

SPECIAL FEATURE: "DRIVE-IN MODE" play this feature and enjoy the entire nostalgic show as it would play in the drive-ins complete with iconic intermission clock.

All Regions.