DEAD PIT "Collector's Edition"-Blu-ray-DARK FORCE/CODE RED-ONLY 16

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We have only 16 available with the 2nd edition "Glow in the Dark" 3D emboss slipcover


Dr. Ramzi (Danny Gouchnauer), a deviant who enjoys torturing his patients, is killed by a fellow doctor and buried in the basement of a mental health facility. Twenty years later, the hospital is up and running again and a "Jane Doe" (Cheryl Lawson) arrives at the institute with amnesia. Upon her arrival, a major earthquake rocks the building and unearths the now undead Dr. Ramzi and his legion of zombie patients so he can continue his work.


Brand new 2k scan from Original Negative with Extensive scene by scene correction

On camera interview with Stars Cheryl Lawson, Jeremy Slate

Director Brett Leonard and Writer/Producer Gimel Everett