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The 11th installment of the Dark Force retro Drive-In series features two '70s edgy comedies. The main feature the 1973 German SECRETS OF SWEET SIXTEEN was created from a new 4k master of the original uncut 35mm negative, rather than the usual 35mm print used for most of the drive-in releases. The result is a stunning HD image for this sleaze great with the most offensive collection of shocking skits ever. Virgin sacrificed to Satan by muscle-bound devil worshippers! Child molester stopped by two hot college girls! European postman finds sex can be a deadly thing! Daughter disguised as an older woman attempts to steal her mother's lover in a seedy hotel! The raw comedy continues with the 2nd co-hit, the 1972 WACKY TAXI.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio commentary by sleaze historians David Hayes and Kevin Moyers and 42ND STREET FOREVER created Jeff Dolniak

"DRIVE-IN MODE" featuring the original 35mm trailer for the 1974 drive-in horror move FANGS in HD