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It's the first ever Dark Force Drive-In X-Rated grindhouse sleaze double feature for our 13th retro drive-in release. The main feature SHARON (1977), starring Jean Jennings and Zebedy Colt, became notorious for its incest scenes and Jennings who looks like a teenager in it. The second co-hit is the very rare TERRI'S REVENGE (1977) directed by Zebedy Colt. The equally notorious flick chronicles the story of Terri who loves to have sex but after her husband and his best friend rape her, decides to team up with other sexually abused women and rape their abusers.


SHARON Brand New HD from Original 16mm Negative with Color Correction

TERRI'S REVENGE-Brand New HD Scan from the only surviving film elements.

RATED X-Adult only no one under 18 allowed to purchase this title.

Sharon 64 minutes  Terri's Revenge  57 minutes    Aspect Ratio:  1.33:1