FANGS aka HOLY WEDNESDAY "Collector's Edition"-Bluray-DARK FORCE

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It's the awesome #34 single's edition release from Dark Force Entertainment featuring the drive-in classic HOLY WEDNESDAY aka FANGS. For this special release we have created a beautiful limited edition 3D emboss amazing looking slipcover of the FANGS artwork. The bluray wrap features the original theatrical artwork for the HOLY WEDNESDAY which was the original title of the picture before the distributor decided to change it to FANGS.

The only film directed by prolific sound mixer and occasional writer Art Names, FANGS (aka HOLY WEDNESDAY) is a slickly produced and darkly humorous horror-thriller, starring Les Tremayne (War of the Worlds), Bruce Kimball (Drive-In Massacre) and Alice Nun (Pee-Wee's Big Adventure) and features one of the few film scores by electronic music pioneer, Suzanne Ciani.

Brand New 2k Scan of Uncut Holy Wednesday version from original 35mm camera negative with extensive color correction-Alternate FANGS opening-Still Gallery of Articles, Ads and original Posters.