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Starring:  Lisa ChristianJohn FrancisChrista HelmAnn PaulSandra PeabodyAllan BerendtHope StansburyMartin Reymert 
Directed By:  Gerard DamianoAndy Milligan 


LEGACY OF SATAN (1974) 69min
Seductive witches perform black magic and Satanic rituals in this horrifying tale of sexual murder. Calling upon dark evil forces these sexy priestesses of the devil lure their unsuspecting victims into the fires of a living hell. Cast: Lisa Christian, John Francis, Christa Helm, Ann Paul, and LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT star Sandra Peabody. Director of Photography by Joao Fernandes! Directed by Gerard (Deep Throat) Damiano. CODE RED mastered this motion pictures from the surviving C.R.I 35mm! Due to high volume from the internet complaint, we did no use DNR to keep the grain intact!

BLOOD (1974) 69min
Lawrence & Regina Orlovsky (Allan Berendt & Hope Stansbury) move into a new mansion by the real estate slime Mr. Markham (outlandish Martin Reymert) not knowing they are dracula & werewolf couple!!! off the wall chiller and they even thrown in a Maneating plant! Longer 35mm print surface which marks an official home video debut in the usa! Cult icon Andy Milligan creates another crazy movie that was bought by Lou Peraino to double bill with other films due to the short time length! Due to extremely high demand and complaint by kids on the web, this is presented without DNR to fix the scratches and the white dots and the grain intact!

Language: English
Run Time: 69 minutes for each film
Anamorphic Widescreen, 1.78:1
Region A, B , C
Rated: R