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SHAKMA (1990) (3,000 EDITION) (BLU-RAY) 
Starring:  Christopher AtkinsAri MeyersAmanda WyssRoddy McDowall 
Directed By:  Tom Logan 


A murderous baboon with Red ass escapes from a Florida laboratory and roams the research building, and begins to kill some teenagers who are also in the building playing a live-action Dungeons-and-Dragons-esque game. Lame game doesn't kill them, Shakma will!!! Starring cult stars Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon), Ari Meyers (Kate and Allie), Amanda Wyss (Nightmare on Elm Street) and screen legend Roddy McDowall (famous Cornelius the Ape from PLANET OF THE APES!), now see it in horrifying HD!

+ Audio commentary with director Tom Logan, modorated by Cult director David DeCoteau. 

+ On camera interview with director Tom Logan

+ Brand New 16x9 (1:78) HD master

+ Watch this in Katarina's Bucket List Theater

Runtime: 102 min
Rated R