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The Italian made TERROR EXPRESS (aka La Ragazza Del Vagone Letto) is another entry into the Last House On The Left sub-genre that emerged in the 70's. This time three thugs led by international superstar Werner Poach commandeer a couple of cars on a moving train and spread terror among the passengers including lots of rape and depravity. Co-stars Italian gore veterans Zora Kerova (New York Ripper) and Carlo de Mejo (Gates of Hell) round up an all-star cast. The gorgeous Silvia Dionisio gets naked enough to please most fans. 


Brand New 2K Scan from Original 16mm Film Negatives with Extensive Reconstruction and Color Correction

TAILS FROM THE RAILS featurette by FREAK-O-RAMA featuring interviews with cast members Zora Kerova and Carlo de Mejo and screenwriter George Eastman

Original Trailer

Rated R     All Regions       1.66:1          only 25 available