FORCED ENTRY (1984) Collector's Edition-Blu-ray w. Slipcover-DARK FORCE-LAST 300

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FORCED ENTRY-with Collector's Slipcover Bluray

After a previous release of two new Director's Cuts of THE LAST VICTIM (1975) and FORCED ENTRY (1984) from Jim Sotos, Dark Force now presents a new 2K scan from original 35mm negative material of the US THEATRICAL release of FORCED ENTRY. This 83 minute version contains almost 10 minutes more of the nudity and rape scenes than the previous Dark Force release. Starring the late Tanya Roberts (CHARLIE'S ANGELS, THE BEASTMASTER) in her film debut, it also feature Nancy Allen, who went on to later fame along with Roberts. Directed by Jim Sotos (SWEET SIXTEEN, HOT MOVES), whose real name was Dimitri Sotirakis, who went on to direct thousands of TV Commericals and hundreds of music videos. Also worth noting, this film was intended as a mainstream remake of the X-rated Forced Entry (1973). This version adds to the allure of this intriguing little violent film and definitely worthy of yet another Dark Force release.

SPECIAL FEATURES: 88 MINUTE VHS VERSION (SD)-featuring the longest version of the movie that doesn't exist on film, and contains footage not found in any other version.

All Regions     1.85:1       Rated R