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It's the #35 Dark Force single's edition release from famed cult director Mark L. Lester (COMMANDO, FIRESTARTER) the 2010 thriller GROUPIE starring Taryn Manning (HUSTLE & FLOW, 8 MILES), Hal Ozsan (BLACKLIST, GRACELAND), Eric Roberts (STAR 80) and Scott Leet (FREEWAY KILLER). Stylish shots, a hot cast, kickin' rock soundtrack and plenty of brutal murders earned this the coveted Dark Force release. When a mysterious groupie joins the legendary cursed band "The Dark Knights", a series of unexplained murders derails their comeback tour. Many of the songs in the movie were written by Ozsan himself who also played the lead singer.


Behind the Scenes-Cast & Crew interviews-Groupie Party with Band-Dark Knights rehearsal-Reversible Cover Art

Rated R   Approx: 80 minutes