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From cult director Joe Sarno, the master of brooding eroticism, comes the lost gem MOONLIGHTING WIVES, a torrid true crime drama ripped from the headlines of unassuming suburbia. Starring the beautiful Tammy Latour and Gretchen Rudolph, along with sexploitation queen June Roberts and future character actor Joe Santos in one of his earliest roles. Dark Force Entertainment presents MOONLIGHTING WIVES restored from its completely uncensored 35mm original negative, featuring 5 minutes of long lost additional nudity and sex deemed too scandalous for its original release.

Joan Rand has had it with being noting more than a housewife, relying solely on the meager earnings of her blue collar husband. Instead, she's set up small stenographic service, but quickly discovers that her lecherous male employers are much more interested in hiring her and her colleagues for after hours "business" meetings. Hatching a new plan, Joan, with the help of handsome tennis pro at the local country club, begins organizing various housewives and women about town into a large scale prostitution ring to service only the wealthiest businessmen and their perverted desires. However, it's not long before a couple of local vice cops get wind of the operation, causing a tense cat and mouse game.


Brand New 2K Transfer from the Original 35mm Camera Negative with 5 Minutes of Lost Nude Scenes

Historian Audio Commentary by Joseph Sarno biographer Michael Bowen

On Camera Interview Michael Bowen discusses Joe Sarno's life

Deleted Nude Scene

Running Time:  88 minutes     All Regions      1.33:1       Not Rated         1966